Saturday, April 17, 2010

Just a little taste of my container garden...

The top is a mix of lemon and lime Thymes, they are from last year, they made it thru the winter spectacularly, then the Pansies I bought in January this year, yes January!  The little Hen and  Chicks (one I overwatered, can you tell?) are pulling out of my accidental abuse, nicely and have all kinds of new growth sprouting up everywhere, I'm so proud!  Both of these pots also came thru the winter with flying colors...they were from last summer.  There are also more herbs inside that I got last weekend at the local Farmer's Market...Lemon Balm, Pineapple Sage, Salvia.  And then yesterday I picked up a wonderful Fern and Fuchsia start, can't wait to get that into a hanging basket.  So today I'm off again to our local Farmer's Market to pick up tomato and pepper plants.  I've also got some flower seeds to plant..Chinese Lantern, English Daisy and Shasta Daisy...ahhhhh, can't have too many plants around...container gardening is definitely the way to go when you live in an apartment!  Oh, and I did get my bike tires aired yesterday morning and spent some time riding afterwards...glorious!

~Off to the Farmer's Market!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Drum roll please....

Okay, it's week 15, are you ready for this?!...  199.68 miles  down with only 300.32 miles to go!  And the crowd goes wild...yeah!!!

I think it's time to get the tires aired....

Yes, definitely time to get the bike tires aired.  Today was a perfect example of why!  It was nearly 70 today and tomorrow is calling for another beautiful day and a bit warmer.  Now why I hadn't thought of this before is beyond me...after all I used to do this before I moved up here to Willamette...what that  is, is I used to ride every morning before work.  Duh!  It's lighter earlier now and I get up in plenty of time to get out before I have to start.  So, tomorrow morning a quick trip to the gas station up the street to get aired!  

I'm off work tomorrow and with the sun being out I will be able to get a lot done.  Recently my personal trainer, Sasha, has created a wicked work out schedule for me to start on Sunday.  It's definitely going to require a lot of focus and dedication.  So, grab the knitting and head out on the bike or for a walk to a far out park and get to it...might as well be knitting while taking a rest, right?!

Speaking of knitting, I've created a beautiful bag for my April swap partner.  Now to just get the lining in and work out how I want the strap.  A trip down to Hiron's for fun goodies to put into the bag and of course to my fave LYS for other knitterly fun stuff.  Also, my current creation is being made with Malabrigo in an Apricot color.  This wool is incredibly soft and so easy to work with.  It's a wrap called, Traveling Woman, so named after the Bat for Lashes (one of my favorites) song of the same name.  I have a beautiful red, orange dress that will be enhanced by it ten-fold.
I also have various other projects going as socks;  I designed a couple of felted notions bags (they're turning out just the way I want them to), just needing some lining and zippers for those.  I've been working on flowers to create a floral "entry" for my bedroom door. This is much like the way a beaded curtain works, but only with ribbons and knitted/crocheted flowers instead and in-an-arch; it looks great on paper (~:  Then there's the flowers and butterflies that I want to hang over the entry door...all in wonderful progress.

Of course with the sunny days there also comes the yearning to get out and garden.  I picked up 3 herbals at the local farmer's market last weekend and this weekend I'll pick up the tomatoes...can't wait to bite into a bright red tomato.  There is truly nothing like growing your own food!

~And with that, off I go again...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hmmm, it's March and I haven't entered anything for a while....

So here it is, March 7.  When I got up this morning, after having thanked the Mother for another beautiful greeting to morning, I decided it's time to get back on track.  I am working on a pair of lacy/cabley mitts and found my next swap partner to be my dear friend Paula (excited!).  I am compiling my list now of goodies.

I have been so busy these last couple of months with work and the gym that I have completely ignored my poor little blog.  So here are a few pix of what I've completed, where I've seen beauty in our wonderful city and whatever...
Of course my vest has yet to be finished.  I have, however, managed to get it sewn together, just not had the patience to add the trims (~:  There are just so many other things I want to do and when the sun is out you can be assured I will not be in the house, but rather out exploring every street and alley Eugene has to offer!
I do take my knitting with me, but often times I'm too busy enjoy the sun and pleasures of an upcoming Spring to sit in any one place for any length of time.  It's a wonder I get anything accomplished.  Even my pix I sometimes forget to take of the things  I do get done and alas they are given away never to be shared with anyone but the recipient...all is good!

I bought my first Malabrigo last weekend, now to  get it wound and started into the Traveling Woman wrap...hmmm maybe I should get a pic of the color...I don't think I will be giving this one away though so I should have pix of it soon.

Well, the day is shaping up to be another beautiful one, even with the's currently 47 perfect degrees!

~Out the door again!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Another beautiful day!

Another beautiful day, another 2 miles in.  Of course I should have gone back out once I dropped off my books, but knitting distracted me.  Okay, out again tomorrow.

Tonight I found a work out DVD I had forgotten about, hooray!  This will come in very handy in the mornings, it's just a 10 min stretch with arms and abs.  Great way to get started in the morning.  I find I always have the best days when I work out first thing in the morning.

So I'm getting my swap knitting done!  I can't believe how productive I've been this weekend.  I have enough stuff for the next 2 swaps.  Now to just put in the filler items; these are fun to search for, but trying to keep with the theme of the group "Itsy Bitsy" is a bit challenging.  I don't want to spend a fortune, but I don't want to come across as "cheap".  No matter, hopefully everyone likes their stuff; they all seem to give positive responses, so I can only deduce all is good.  I really need to start getting some photos taken...perhaps tomorrow.

I also started my first book tonight,  Accordion Crimes, by E. Annie Proulx.  So far, a good read.  I also picked up, The Shipping News, also by same author.  I'll read it next week.

~Okay, off for an evening stretch, a little more reading, a little more knitting, then off to bed.  Five o'clock comes awfully early...