Monday, October 5, 2009

Ah October...

I love the month of October. The weather has cooled considerably and even though the avg daytime temp is still around 70, the evenings are far cooler, dipping down to 20 in N Bend(record-breaker for that area.) Here in Eugene, though, it's only dropping to the low 40's so far, and that's cold enough for me. I am in the process of re-adjusting my workout times as now with the cooler weather and the shorter days, I am in wont of staying in and curling up with a good audio book and my knitting.

This past week I've added 2 balls of wool to Eric's scarf (almost done!), made 3 hats for the caps for was to be 4 but the pumpkin hat has been claimed for a friend's baby, Maddox, the cutie pie that he is! And of course, I have frogged my Estes vest yet again and restarted it anew. I love this why am I frogging and restarting, hmmm, not sure. I guess I just wanted to restart fresh and to make sure all the stitches are perfect. Okay, who am I kidding, I love the cabling! But, seriously, all my stitches are perfect. No worries, although I have told myself this is to be the last time I take it apart and just get it finished already! It's such a comforting knit.

I have also discovered Twinnings Lady Grey tea. I don't drink an awful lot of tea, but this one is quite soothing and just a nice blend. Typically hot cocoa would be the drink of the day, but tea is nice too.

Okay, so my current obsession of The Grave Tattoo audio book beckons, as do the sink of dishes...which will win over? Okay, so if I get the dishes done now, I won't have them nagging at me whilst I try to knit...alright, dishes first then!

~Indeed save the best for last...

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